Our Financial Products

One Climate Fund Southern Africa invests in renewable energy products and projects.

One Climate Fund Southern Africa emerged from an international initiative to fund renewable energy.  The intention of the initiative is to invest in renewable energy products and projects that will help reduce carbon emissions world-wide.

The fund focuses on investing in areas of energy poverty in Southern Africa and is interested in projects that help broad-based economic development and generate employment.

The lending programmes are designed to provide funds to Southern African registered companies involved in the following:


The manufacture of renewable energy components and also the assembly of renewable energy components into intermediate products.


The installation and maintenance of renewable energy products in homes.


The construction of independent power production plants by private companies and municipalities.

Retail lending

Retail lending for the installation of renewable energy products.

The programmes provide debt in the form of Structured Loans and Bridging Finance.  We will assess each project through a due diligence process.  Approved projects will have a structured financing facility.  We will enter into a formal loan contract in each case.

Qualifying Conditions

To qualify for loans borrowers will need to meet five broad conditions:

  • Products or projects must involve generation of renewable energy through wind or solar rays
  • Borrowers must be Southern African companies, municipalities and government
  • The renewable energy products must incorporate required local content
  • Each loan application must include a bankable project business plan
  • Project and products must generate at least 1,5 Megawatts of electricity

Our Process

1. Loan Application

The prospective borrower will make an inquiry and then submit and application for a loan.

2. Due Diligence

The Fund will do a due diligence on the project for loan funding. The Fund might also do a due diligence on the company or municipality as applicant.

3. Approval

Once the applicant has fulfilled all requirements the Fund will approve the loan.

4. Contract

A Loan Agreement will be drawn up containing the conditions of the loan and the criteria that must be met prior to drawdowns. The Fund will sign the Agreement with the approved borrower.

5. Implementation

The Fund will then monitor the project and disburse the loan to the borrower as per the Agreement.

6. Loan Servicing

The Fund will collect instalments on a regular basis.

Start the Conversation

If you are interested in a loan and think you might qualify for consideration, start the conversation with a brief outline of your projects.  Please keep this first inquiry short and to the point – not too much detail.  If it meets our criteria for consideration, we will contact you for a full business plan.  If not, you will hear from us to that effect.