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Ethics Statement

January 2018

Purpose of this document

The board of directors of the One Climate Fund Southern Africa (hereafter “the Fund”) is committed to maintaining high standards of ethical conduct, corporate governance and accountability by all employees of the Fund and accordingly has adopted a Code of Ethics (“the Code”).

The Code is designed to communicate the expected standards of conduct to the board of the Fund and to all Fund employees.

The Code is intended for use as a guide in day-to-day decisions and contains aspirational guidelines for events that occur in business. Contravention of the code may result in disciplinary action and, where applicable, criminal prosecution in the case of illegal acts or crimes.

The Code is to be used in induction and other relevant training programmes and to assure all stakeholders and in particular customers, suppliers and competitors of the integrity of the Fund.

The Code has been issued in recognition of “The Code of Corporate Practices and Conduct” (2004) and the “King Code of Governance for South Africa” (2009) issued by the King Committee on Corporate Governance, and constitutes an addition to all other policies and specific codes of practice issued by the Fund, which apply from time to time. All obligations imposed by law or by contracts between the Fund and its employees remain in force and are not affected or amended by this document.

To facilitate the Fund’s ethical business practice employees are encouraged to talk to supervisors, managers and other appropriate personnel about behaviour that they believe is a violation of the Code.

Code of Ethics

The Fund and its employees are to strive conscientiously to act with honesty and integrity in accordance with a high level of moral and ethical standards in their business and inter-personal dealings. All employees in the Fund will be assumed to commit themselves to know, understand and support these values. Some specific values are dealt with below:

Compliance with laws, rules and regulations

To obey the law. All employees must respect and obey the laws, rules and regulations of South Africa and the other countries where the Fund operates and entertains funding/business relations.

Fairness, Respect & Dignity

To treat and be treated in a fair and equitable manner with respect and dignity, irrespective of race, colour, nationality, creed, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, language, culture, religion, age, physical disability or political views.

Tolerance of alternative views

To be tolerant of one another’s views unless they cause hardship to others, infringe on the human rights of others or attempt to impose beliefs on others. Tolerance requires that the Fund’s resources are not used to support a particular political or religious view and in particular, no donation may be made to any political party unless authorised by the Fund’s board in advance.

Protection from victimisation

To not victimise anyone nor to be victimised in any way, from within or outside of the Fund, and to be particularly vigilant where a complaint has been lodged with a superior.


To cultivate and maintain a healthy relationship with colleagues, based on mutual trust, honesty and respect.

Support & Loyalty

To support management, teams and peers in order to promote aspirations and steady growth of the company and its employees. To be loyal to, and not to publicly criticise, your employer, any employee or the Fund or its actions.


To strive continuously and overtly to achieve superior performance.

Management of Performance

To have individual performance managed and assessed at reasonable intervals, using agreed expectations, qualities and measures, and to give and be given open, honest and constructive feedback both on achievements and underachievements, with the right of appeal.


To be recognised for excellence and superior performance.

Work Environment

To contribute to the creation of a work environment that is safe and conducive to the delivery of work of a high standard and the well-being of all employees of the Fund.

Customer satisfaction

To satisfy customers’ business needs promptly and professionally in a respectful and friendly manner, and to comply with customers’ legitimate and reasonable requests.

Proper communication & transparency

To communicate and receive all relevant information, from or to the appropriate party, accurately and honestly in a transparent manner.


To maintain appropriate confidentiality of your employer’s and the Fund’s affairs, including details of customers, suppliers and employees.

Non- corruption

To avoid the giving or accepting of any cash gift, or a non-cash gift not exceeding R500, to or from any business associate.

Conflict of interest

To avoid or disclose all potentially conflicting interests where employees and their immediate families have direct or indirect personal interests or derive benefits from transactions to which members of the Fund are also a party.